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It’s the End of the Year! What now?

It’s the End of the Year! What now?

Things are beginning to slow down in the last month of school in the coaching world. Teachers and the school are part of standardized testing, they are gearing up for awards ceremonies, and they are trying to keep their students calm. It is the end of the year and everyone is feeling it. Including you. The drive to continue supporting teachers keeps fueling your Instructional Coaching soul! What should you do with that drive? Here are some ideas that helps you continue the support of the teachers in your building:

The drive to continue supporting teachers keeps fueling your Instructional Coaching soul!

Offer to Do Lessons

Teachers right now are as stressed and as tired as they were at the beginning of the school year. Now is the time to put your money where your mouth is and offer that support they need this time in the school year. You can either have a sign-up sheet in the Teacher’s Lounge or send out a Google Doc/spreadsheet for teachers to sign up for thirty-forty minute lessons. During this time, this is not time to model lessons for teachers, this is the time to give them a much needed break. Allow the teachers to use this time however they see fit, but they must stay on campus.

Teacher Check-Ins

Take this time to go do some teacher check-ins. This time is just to make sure the teachers are handling the end of the year stress well and to offer your help if needed. There may be students that need to be assessed, questions that teachers have, or they may even need a listening ear. Be that for them. They need it. Be there. Be present.

Let go of Professional Development (GASP!)

At the end of the year, teachers are not going to be listening to anything you have to say. They are drained. Honestly, you are drained too. Do not try to sit teachers down and have any organized professional development meet ups at this time. They will love you for this. However, if you do plan on or “have to” meet, allow it to focus on the tip below.

Teacher Reflection

If you have to meet, allow it to be a time of teacher or team reflection. One of the best end of the year meetings I have been a part of and also held was a vertical team meeting just focused on reflection and discussion. It allowed for the teams to talk, discuss gaps between grade levels, areas to focus on the next year and just reflect. It was a very powerful and helpful meeting. Try it, you will not be disappointed in the impact it has.

Your Reflection

This is the time for you to reflect as well. Give teachers a survey and ask them to fill it out honestly about the work you have done with them this year. These surveys help with your own reflection as their Instructional Coach and it helps you to grow and learn.

Yes, it’s the end of the year. Yes, it’s busy around the school. Use these tips and your time to continue to support teachers in a different, yet effective and impactful way.

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